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Unnat Bharat Social Welfare Society is an Indian Non-Governmental Organization registered under Society Act, 1860 that has been carrying forward its mission since 2011 throughout india. We the UNNAT BHARAT always stands with needed people though who can't raise thier voice we mould ourselves in them,and raise it with strong determination . Unnat Bharat not only an organization it is a positive passionate people s group we think for group we do for one n everyone.. we ask to everyone for even one. Unstoppable thinkers, without fear with responsibility, we never prove we just believe in ground work. We are group of peoples who believe in UNNAT BHARAT.

"Bhavishya" School Program
We are going to give U turn for them who were spending time without any AIM in thier life. They feed US but in return they and thier Bhavisya is suffering so Unnat Bharat take SANKALP to own this Bhavisya and shape them through Studies, skills and point of view to see their future themselves. Bhavishya the School Runs for the Farmers and the Needies Kids for Free Educational Programme Initiated by Unnat Bharat.

Roti day : The day for food, the day of sharing our meals, the day of " रोटी " we celebrate it with those who cheer for it. 2nd April the day on which we move on streets and our various friends ,volunteers in other part of country share and prove that Unnat Bharat cares.

Health Check up camp: We severely organise health check up camps, especially for senior citizens, awareness programmes for hygiene in slum areas. We targeted various remote areas in our priority list for these.

Drawing competition is not a simple competition it is a thanking process of those kids which were indulge in studies so we try to give them space to think and to perform.

Dviyang is first priority of UNNAT BHARAT and in this we distributed tricycle for challenge Divyangs who can fly with their determination . With their imaginations to go to meet to show their ability we are just being a part of that imaginative.

Unnat bharat is not serving only for people, section or society hence we serve for the Earth, and regularly organise plantation as an event in which our every member and volunteers participate with passion to protect and preserve our mother earth.

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